Cueing Baby for Sleep Time

Cueing Your Baby for Sleepy-Time

Short, Simple Routine

Whether you’re putting your child to sleep for the night or for one of the several naps he or she may take that day, having a short, simple routine is a great way to help your baby get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

When you do the same things before nap time or bedtime, they become habitual and will cue your baby that it is time to sleep.

List of Ideas

Here is a list of some ideas for you to consider using for your baby’s sleepy-time routine:

  • Give your baby a bath
  • Play with your baby
  • Go for a family walk
  • Sing songs with your baby
  • Listen to music
  • Last feeding for the night
  • Burp your baby
  • Change your baby’s diaper
  • Change baby into nighttime clothes
  • Dance with your baby
  • Read to your baby
  • Bounce with your baby (gently)
  • Sway with your baby
  • Rock the baby
  • Give your baby a massage
  • Use words or phrases to signal sleep
  • Nurse your baby
  • Pat the baby
  • Hug and kiss the baby goodnight

You certainly don’t have to do them all! Pick a few things you and your baby will enjoy doing together. Don’t forget to incorporate Daddy or another family member into the mix so you aren’t the only one who can get the baby to sleep.

Once you have selected the things that work well for you and your baby, write them down so you remember what you did and in what order. It’s a good idea to start with your most active and noisiest activity and bright light and work your way down and end with something calm and quiet in a dark room.

What does your routine look like?

This list is by no means exhaustive! Tell us what you do to get your baby to sleep.

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