Baby to Toddler

From Baby to Toddler

My Big Ole One Year Old!

My son turns 1 year old here in a couple weeks. As my husband said today, “I’m in denial.” Watching him grow up from a newborn to this newfound toddler stage has been such a joy, even though sometimes it makes me tear up. Time is just passing so quickly!

As I often do, I have been reminiscing about those first days. Lately, I’ve been thinking about his very first day, in his very first few hours. My husband and I were sitting on the bed in the birthing suite, watching the midwife do his newborn testing. We noticed that his feet were flexed upward and laid all the way against his tiny shins. My midwife mentioned that if we didn’t see a change to take him in to his pediatrician in a couple days.

My husband and I spoke about it in the days afterwards, when my son’s feet started to look more normal. Both of us had the thought, though we didn’t verbalize it in those early hours that our son may never walk.

Aaaaaand He Walks!

I am happy to share with you that as of this past week, we have a happy, brave, and fully WALKING child. He is no longer a tiny, helpless baby, but a waddling, mobile toddler. (Ok, ok, he’s still my baby.) Remembering those scary moments in the beginning has made us all the more grateful for his progress and health in both mind and body.

We have truly loved each stage with our son more than the last. Looking forward to all the many moments, milestones, and stages to come.

“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.” Psalm 127: 3

What about you?

Share your parenthood story with us!

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