Our Little Dinosaur - Pregnancy and Parenthood

The Journey Begins

“Our Little Dinosaur”?

This endearing term refers to my son. The name was coined by my husband (aka Lil Dino Daddy) a few weeks before he was born.

One day, while he and I were shopping for baby clothes at our local resale shop, my husband would only consider items that had dinosaurs on them.  After my son arrived in early November, 2016, we finally gave those cute little clothes a purpose. Remembering our shopping adventure, I stealthily selected one of the outfits my husband had picked out – one featuring dinosaurs. I then dressed my tiny baby boy and took him into the other room to show his Daddy.

Once my husband saw him in his “stegosaurus” outfit, his eyes grew wide in excitement as he exclaimed, “Aww, come here my little dinosaur!”

The name stuck, along with many other endearing pet names we have come up with as time passes.

The Beginning

My husband and I were married nearly six years when I discovered I was pregnant. Those nine months of pregnancy were so very special to me. I loved being pregnant, despite some of the side effects and less than enjoyable symptoms. I enjoyed watching my belly grow and feeling my son move around as he developed and grew strong. I nested from day one.

My first baby project was throwing a gender reveal party. We wanted to share our important news with those closest to us – the people who had supported us along the way.  After that, building the gift registry was especially enjoyable. I researched everything and read dozens upon dozens of reviews before adding them to my list. Browsing through all those cute little baby things only added to the imaginings of my child as I thought of him smiling, playing, and growing.

Then the baby shower day arrived! Mothers of all ages shared their tales of pregnancy and what it meant to be a parent. We ate, played games, and laughed together.

The Learning Curve

Then there was the learning curve. I especially loved the learning part that is involved with a first pregnancy. There is so much to know! The research I did and the knowledge I obtained before delivering my son, (along with the support of my husband and the midwives), was definitely the most positive contributor to the birthing experience.

Now that my baby is here, the learning continues. Oh boy, does the learning continue, whether you enjoy it or not! Learning everything one needs to know to be a hopefully good…ok, at least decent… parent is all the more challenging while struggling to function through sleep deprivation. This lack of energy in those early months…ok, ok, the first year…has made the time to research and read is as fleeting as those z’s I longed to catch. I realized just how little I invested in the learning that would have been most helpful to me… What I really needed to know was what to expect AFTER my son was born.

This is record of our journey from a mother’s perspective. (Although, I plan to ask Lil Dino Daddy for his perspective too. Where would we be without our Daddies?) I’ll share with you as much as I can from the first moments when we learned we were going to be parents, to the challenges of breastfeeding, tricks for encouraging tummy time, and guiding our son as he learns to walk and talk. This is our story of “baby makes three” and maybe beyond one day.

My desire is that readers will find this an insightful resource, with stories that both entertain and encourage. My goal as I recount this adventure, is to build this site to be a helpful to mommies-to-be (and daddies too!) as well as new parents.

I hope that as readers have questions, you will feel free to post them, and find many of your answers here.

So, let the journey begin….

Do you have a nickname or an endearing term for your baby or child? Share in the comments below.

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