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101 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Partner, Family and Friends

Creating a unique and memorable pregnancy announcement is a special way to share your joyous news with loved ones and the world. Here are 101 creative ideas to help you announce your pregnancy, organized by whom you’re telling and the occasion.

101 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Partner

Discovering you’re expecting is a transformative moment in your life. Sharing this news with your partner marks the beginning of a shared journey into parenthood. From the heartwarming simplicity of showing them the pregnancy test to crafting a digital pregnancy announcement that captures your combined joy, there are endless ways to make this reveal as unique as your relationship.

Whether you’re looking for cute, fun, or funny pregnancy announcement ideas, the goal is to create a moment that encapsulates the excitement and love you both feel at the prospect of welcoming a new member to your family.

pregnancy reveal to partner - hello daddy - and positive pregnancy test result

1. Deliver a cute package with baby shoes and the ultrasound photo inside

Send a small, beautifully wrapped box to your partner. Inside, place a pair of baby shoes and the ultrasound photo. This tangible representation of your growing family serves as a heartwarming and intimate way to share your news.

2. Make a playlist of nursery rhymes and lullabies

Compile a collection of nursery rhymes and lullabies, and play it during a quiet moment together. This subtle hint can lead to a beautiful moment of realization and is a gentle, yet creative way to announce your pregnancy.

3. Couple photoshoot surprise and whisper the news mid-snap

Arrange for a couple’s photoshoot and whisper your pregnancy news to your partner during a pose. This not only captures their genuine reaction but also provides a memorable keepsake of this life-changing moment.

4. Pregnancy Bookmark in a parenting book as a hint

Place a bookmark inside a parenting book, hinting at your new journey. This can be a playful and literary way to surprise your partner, especially if they’re an avid reader.

5. Piggy Bank labeled “Baby Fund”

Set up a piggy bank labeled as a “Baby Fund” to start saving for your child’s future together. It’s a cute and practical way to announce your pregnancy and begin planning for the future.

6. Table for Three reservation at a restaurant

Make a dinner reservation for three at your favorite restaurant and see how long it takes for your partner to catch on. This is a subtle yet direct way of sharing your exciting news.

7. Show the Pregnancy Test Result in a creative way

Find a creative way to present the pregnancy test, such as wrapping it as a gift or hiding it somewhere it will be discovered. The moment of discovery will be unforgettable.

8. Diaper Delivery to the home with a note

Arrange for a box of diapers to be delivered to your home with a note revealing the pregnancy. It’s a humorous and unexpected way to announce that a baby is on the way.

9. Pregnancy Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Gift a box of chocolates with each piece labeled with a different parenting milestone. This delicious metaphor for the unpredictability and sweetness of parenting is both creative and thoughtful.

10. A Love Letter explaining how excited you are to start this journey.

Write a heartfelt letter expressing your excitement and hopes for your future child. This intimate gesture can create a deeply personal and emotional announcement.

11. Pet T-Shirt saying “Big Brother/Sister”

Dress your pet in a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” t-shirt and wait for your partner to notice. It’s a fun and adorable way to include your fur baby in the announcement.

12. Eating for Two Bowl for your next meal together.

Make a dinner, but where your bowl says, “Eating for Two.” It’s a playful nod to your pregnancy that can lead to a joyful reveal.

13. Pregnancy Poem written by you

Pen a poem expressing your feelings about the pregnancy and read it to your partner. This creative and personal approach can make for a deeply moving announcement.

14. Write the News on Your Tummy with body paint or markers

Use body paint or markers to write your announcement directly on your stomach. This can be a fun and surprising way to reveal your pregnancy when you feel ready to share.

15. Reserved for Baby Drawer in your bedroom

Organize a drawer in your bedroom for baby items and show it to your partner as a hint towards your new beginning. It’s a simple yet poignant way to announce your pregnancy.

16. Father’s/Mother’s Day Surprise with a baby-themed gift

If the timing works out, gift a baby-themed present on Father’s or Mother’s Day, This can be a memorable and fitting way to share your news on a day celebrating parenthood.

17. Painting Class where you paint something baby-related

Attend a painting class together and choose to paint something baby-related. This creative activity can end with a beautiful piece of art and a special announcement.

18. Custom Made Puzzle with the announcement message.

Get a custom made puzzle created with your announcement message and solve it together. It’s a playful and engaging way to share your exciting news.

19. New Streaming User profile named “Baby”

Add a new user profile named “Baby” to your streaming service and wait for your partner to discover it. This modern, digital hint can be a fun surprise.

20. Drink in a Baby Bottle as a quirky reveal

Serve your partner a drink in a baby bottle as a quirky and humorous hint at your pregnancy. It’s a lighthearted way to break the news.

21. Baby Food Dinner with a note explaining why

Prepare a meal entirely of baby food and present it with a note explaining the significance. This unexpected dinner can lead to a memorable and funny pregnancy reveal.

22. Mirror Message written in the bathroom

Write a pregnancy announcement on the bathroom mirror for your partner to find. This simple gesture can be a lovely surprise to start the day.

23. Secret Mirror Message that appears when the mirror fogs up.

Write a message on the mirror that only appears when the bathroom gets steamy. This magical reveal adds an element of surprise to your announcement.

24. Parent Proposal with a pacifier instead of a ring.

Present a pacifier instead of a ring in a proposal-style setting to ask if they’re ready to embark on the parenting journey with you. It’s a romantic and significant way to announce your pregnancy.

25. Parent Survival Kit filled with humorous essentials.

Assemble a humorous “survival kit” for your partner filled with baby essentials and funny items. This creative approach brings humor and excitement to the pregnancy announcement.

26. A Bun in the Oven Pun – literally place a bun in your oven and invite them to check

For an old school reveal, place an actual bun in the oven and ask your partner to check on what’s cooking. This classic pun provides a lighthearted and memorable reveal.

27. Coffee Mug with pregnancy reveal at the bottom

Gift a mug that reveals a pregnancy-related message at the bottom when they finish. It’s a cozy and surprising way to share your news.

28. Fortune Cookie with a custom message inside.

Create a custom fortune cookie with your announcement inside. This unique method can be a delightful surprise at the end of a meal.

29. Plate Reveal during a meal, eat to reveal the message.

Serve a meal on a plate that has a hidden message at the bottom, revealing your pregnancy once the food is eaten. It’s a personal and intimate way to announce your news.

30. Custom Drink Coasters with your announcement.

Use coasters printed with your pregnancy announcement during a casual drink. This subtle detail can lead to an exciting and unexpected reveal.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For the Grandparents

Pregnancy Announcement Ultrasound Results to grandparents

The moment you announce your pregnancy to the soon-to-be grandparents is one they’ll never forget. It’s a transition into a new, exciting phase of their lives, filled with anticipation and joy. These announcement ideas range from classic to creative, ensuring that the news is as unforgettable as the moment they realize they’re about to welcome a new family member. Whether through a heartfelt note, a surprise gift, or a custom t-shirt, each idea is a celebration of the new roles they are about to embrace.

31. Handwritten Note with your announcement

A handwritten note with your pregnancy announcement is a personal and timeless way to share the news. Write a heartfelt message or a simple announcement on beautiful stationery and deliver it in person or by mail. This gesture adds a personal touch that grandparents or family members will treasure forever.

32. Pregnancy Announcement Shirt saying “Promoted to Grandad/Grandma”

Surprise your parents or in-laws with custom shirts that announce their new titles. It’s a fun and wearable way to share your exciting news, perfect for a casual family gathering or as a gift that captures the moment they find out about their grandchild.

33. Announce at Dinner with a toast

Make your pregnancy announcement part of a family dinner. Raise a glass to toast to your future child, cleverly revealing your news as part of your speech. It’s a warm and inclusive way to share the moment with those closest to you.

34. Facetime Surprise for a live reaction

For families separated by distance, a Facetime call can bridge the gap. Capture the live reaction of grandparents or family members as you share your pregnancy news, making the moment feel intimate and immediate despite the miles.

35. Chalk Message on their driveway

Create a surprise announcement right at their doorstep with a chalk message. Whether it’s a simple “Baby on the way!” or a more elaborate drawing, it’s a playful and creative way to share the news that’s sure to bring joy and excitement.

36. Grandparent Jewelry with baby’s due date

Gift a piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet or a necklace, that’s engraved with the baby’s due date. It’s a beautiful and sentimental way to announce your pregnancy, providing grandparents with a keepsake they can cherish.

37. Pacifier Gift with a note.

Attach a note to a pacifier and present it as a gift to the future grandparents or the dad-to-be. This symbolic gift is a cute and clear way to announce your pregnancy, sparking joy and anticipation for the baby’s arrival.

38. Scrabble Reveal during a game night

Turn a casual game night into a memorable announcement. Spell out your pregnancy news on a Scrabble board and wait for your family to decipher the message. It’s a fun and interactive way to share the news.

39. Baby Book Gift hinting at their new role

Choose a children’s book about grandparents or becoming a big sibling and gift it to your family members. This thoughtful present hints at their new role and is a perfect way to introduce the subject of your pregnancy.

40. Sand Writing during a family vacation

If you’re on a family vacation, take a moment to write your announcement in the sand. Gather everyone for a photo with the message in the background or lead them to discover it themselves. It’s a picturesque and memorable way to share your news.

41. Ultrasound Frame as a gift

Frame a copy of your baby’s ultrasound and present it as a gift to the future grandparents or other family members. This poignant and direct way of announcing your pregnancy offers a first glimpse of the new family member, making it a deeply emotional and joyful reveal.

Ideas for announcing your pregnancy to your other children

Introducing the concept of a new sibling to your children is a pivotal moment in their lives. It’s important to convey this news in a way that excites them about their new role in the family. From “big brother/sister” shirts to letters from the baby, these ideas are crafted to make your children feel involved and cherished during this family milestone. Creating a positive and inclusive announcement can help set the tone for a loving sibling relationship.

It’s important to announce your pregnancy to your older children in age appropriate ways. It’s normal for kids to have mixed and changing reactions to the news. Allow them to process their emotions with understanding and acceptance.

Each of these ideas not only helps in announcing the pregnancy but also plays a crucial role in helping your older child adjust to and get excited about the idea of becoming a big sibling, fostering a loving and supportive bond from the very start.

42. Promoted to Big Brother or Big Sister Shirt

Celebrate the new role of your existing child or children with custom shirts that announce their promotion to big brother or sister. It’s a fun and exciting way for them to learn about their new sibling and proudly show off their new status. These shirts make for adorable photos and help the child start to form a bond with their sibling even before they arrive.

43. Big Sibling Jewelry as a special gift

Present the older child a piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet or a necklace. This can be a beautiful way to commemorate the occasion of becoming a big sibling. Choose a piece that symbolizes their new role and make it a special moment to give it to them, explaining how important and cherished they are, and how this new role adds to their importance in the family.

44. Training Day – a fun day with older siblings teaching them about babies

Organize a day dedicated to teaching your older child or children about what it means to have a new baby in the house. This can include fun activities like diaper changing on a doll, understanding the importance of gentle touches, and even reading books about babies. It’s an engaging and practical way to prepare them for their new sibling, making them feel involved and responsible.

If you have more than one child already you can set it up so the older sibling teaches the younger sibling what it means to be a big brother or big sister.

45. Ultrasound Picture show to explain the new sibling

Sharing the ultrasound pictures with your older child is a tangible way to help them understand that there’s a real baby coming. Explain what the images show and talk about how they are going to have a new brother or sister. It’s a moment that can spark curiosity and excitement about the new addition to the family.

big brother pregnancy reveal with ultrasound

46. New Best Friend book about becoming a big sibling

There are many children’s books that address the topic of becoming a big brother or sister. Choose one that resonates with your family and read it together. These stories can help address any feelings of uncertainty they may have and emphasize the positive aspects of having a new sibling, like gaining a lifelong friend.

47. Letter from the Baby written to them

Write a letter to your older child from the perspective of their future sibling. This can include messages of love, excitement to meet them, and promises of the fun they will have together. It’s a creative and heartfelt way to help your child feel connected to the new baby and anticipate their arrival with joy and excitement.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For the Rest of the Family

The moment you decide to share your pregnancy news with your family is one filled with anticipation and joy. Whether it’s a digital reveal shared over social media or a more intimate setting where you present your parents with a surprise that says, “You’re going to be grandparents,” the ways to announce pregnancy to your family are as varied as they are heartfelt.

From simple pregnancy announcements that get straight to the point to creative setups that involve the whole family, these ideas are meant to make your reveal memorable. Including siblings in the announcement can add another layer of excitement, turning the moment into a celebration of family unity and growth.

Each of these ideas offers a unique and memorable way to share the special news of a new baby on the way, ensuring that the moment is celebrated and cherished by all your loved ones.

48. Baby’s Letter to the family

Craft a letter as if penned by the baby, introducing themselves to the family. This can be a touching and imaginative way to share your news, making the announcement feel more personal and engaging for every family member. You can share this letter during a family gathering or mail it to relatives near and far, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation.

49. Cake Reveal at a family gathering

Order or bake a cake with a hidden color inside (pink or blue for a gender reveal, or any color that signifies the addition of a new baby) and reveal it by cutting the cake in front of your family. This sweet surprise is not only delicious but also a visually memorable way to share your joyous news.

50. Family Photo Surprise – say “We’re having a baby!” instead of “cheese”

During a family photo session, instead of the standard prompt to smile, announce “We’re having a baby!” The photographer can capture everyone’s reactions in real-time, creating a priceless keepsake of the moment your family learns about the new addition.

51. Group Video Call to share the news all at once

In today’s digital age, gathering family members who are spread out over different locations can be challenging. Organize a group video call and surprise everyone with your pregnancy announcement simultaneously. This method ensures that all your loved ones share in the moment together, regardless of where they are.

52. Mail Out Cards with a creative announcement

Design and send out announcement cards to family and friends. This can be a fun and creative way to share your news, allowing you to personalize the message and design. It’s a tangible keepsake that your loved ones can cherish.

53. Scavenger Hunt at a family event

Turn your announcement into an interactive game by setting up a scavenger hunt with clues leading to the big reveal. This can be particularly fun at family gatherings, turning the announcement into an engaging activity that involves everyone.

54. Team Jerseys for a family photo with the due date as the number

Create custom jerseys for the family with the baby’s due date as the number on the back. This can be a fun way to announce your pregnancy, especially if your family loves sports. It’s a playful nod to the new team member joining your ranks.

55. Dinner Party Announcement with a themed menu

Host a dinner party with a menu that subtly hints at your pregnancy. You could include items like “Baby Back Ribs,” “Bun in the Oven Cinnamon Rolls,” or “Preggatinis” for mocktails. It’s a sophisticated and subtle way to reveal your news, letting the menu do the talking until you’re ready to make the actual announcement.

Ideas for announcing you’re pregnant to your friends

Telling your friends about your pregnancy marks the expansion of your support network during this significant phase of life. Whether you opt for a quirky game night reveal, a special message in a group chat, or a custom social media post, these ideas are designed to share your joy in fun and unique ways. It’s about creating shared moments of happiness and anticipation that you and your friends will remember for years to come.

Each of these ideas offers a unique and engaging way to share the wonderful news of a new addition to your family, ensuring the announcement is as joyful and memorable as the occasion itself.

56. Charades Game with a baby-themed movie or book

Turn a game of charades into a clever pregnancy announcement by acting out titles of baby-themed movies or books. Keep the theme going until your friends or family guess not only the titles but also the reason behind your choice of theme. This interactive and entertaining method adds an element of fun and surprise to your announcement.

57. Ultra Sound Scan Pic in Group Chat for a digital reveal

Share the excitement of your pregnancy with friends and family by sending a picture of your ultrasound scan in a group chat. This instant, digital method allows you to share your news widely and quickly, even with those far away, and lets you see or hear their reactions almost in real-time.

58. Photobomb with a baby announcement sign

Create a memorable moment by photobombing a group picture with a sign announcing your pregnancy. This can be especially fun at family gatherings or events with friends. It’s a playful way to surprise everyone, and the photo will be a cherished keepsake of the moment they learned about your baby on the way.

59. Board Game Night with a custom game piece or card

Customize a board game with a game piece or card that reveals your pregnancy. For example, you could add a “New Player Joining Soon!” card to the deck. It’s a subtle and creative way to share your news during an evening of fun, catching everyone off guard when the special piece or card comes into play.

60. Light Box Message at a gathering

Use a light box to spell out your pregnancy announcement and place it somewhere central during a family gathering or party. This glowing message can be a beautiful and eye-catching way to share your news, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the reveal.

61. Under Construction theme with a fun photo

Arrange a photoshoot with an “Under Construction” theme, complete with safety vests, hard hats, and a sign that reads something like, “Baby [Last Name] Under Construction, Due [Due Date].” Share this fun photo on social media or send it out as a photo card. It’s a humorous and creative way to announce your pregnancy, perfect for couples who enjoy DIY projects or want to add a playful twist to their announcement.

Ideas for Announcing Your Pregnancy On Social Media

Announcing your pregnancy on social media allows you to share your joy with a wide audience in a creative and personal way. From themed photoshoots to clever posts, these ideas are designed to make your announcement stand out. It’s an opportunity to express your personality and excitement about the upcoming addition to your family, crafting a narrative that friends, family, and followers can celebrate together.

These creative and heartfelt pregnancy announcement ideas offer a range of ways to share your exciting news, ensuring the announcement is as memorable and unique as your journey to parenthood.

62. Baby Shoes next to adult shoes

Create a heartwarming visual announcement by placing a tiny pair of baby shoes next to the parents’ shoes. This symbolic representation can be photographed and shared with family and friends or on social media. It’s a simple yet powerful image that instantly conveys the message of a growing family.

baby shoes next to adult shoes pregnancy reveal

63. Movie Poster themed announcement

Design a movie poster featuring you and your partner as the stars, with a tagline announcing your pregnancy. You can mimic the style of your favorite film genre, whether it’s a romantic comedy, adventure, or drama, and include a “Coming Soon” date as your due date. Share this creative announcement digitally or as printed keepsakes.

64. Ultrasound Reveal post

Share the joy of your growing baby by posting an ultrasound image on social media. You can add a caption with the due date or a heartfelt message. This direct and loving approach lets your wider circle in on your excitement and anticipation.

social media ultrasound reveal post

65. 6Pet Researching baby care book photo

If you have a pet, stage a photo of them “researching” how to be a great furry sibling by placing a baby care book in front of them. This cute and humorous announcement is perfect for animal-loving families and adds a fun twist to sharing your news.

66. Countdown with weekly updates

Begin a social media countdown to your baby’s arrival with weekly updates. You can include pictures or graphics that show the baby’s development stages, how you’re preparing, or how your family is growing in anticipation. It’s a great way to keep loved ones updated and build excitement.

67. Themed Photoshoot reflecting different stages of pregnancy

Plan a series of photoshoots throughout your pregnancy that capture its different stages. You can stick to a theme that reflects your family’s personality or interests. Share these photos as a series or save them for a big reveal, showcasing the journey of your pregnancy.

68. Baby items with a due date

Arrange baby essentials – baby shoes, a onesie, a toy, and an ultrasound photo – and include a card with the baby’s due date. This artistic and stylish announcement can be shared on social media or sent out as a photo card, offering a beautiful visual announcement.

69. Holiday Themed Posts for timing-relevant announcements

Leverage the holidays to make your pregnancy announcement. For instance, carve “We’re Expecting” into a pumpkin for Halloween or wrap a small baby gift under the Christmas tree with a tag announcing the due date. It’s a festive and timely way to share your news.

70. Animated Video of your journey to pregnancy

Create or commission an animated video that tells the story of your journey to becoming pregnant. This can include moments from your relationship leading up to the pregnancy and the reveal of the due date at the end. It’s an engaging and modern way to share your story with friends and family, offering a personal look at your journey to parenthood.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Work

Navigating the professional environment while sharing personal news such as a pregnancy requires a blend of tact and joy. Announcing pregnancy to work colleagues can range from a straightforward email to a creative reveal during a team meeting. The approach you choose can reflect your workplace culture and your relationship with your co-workers. It’s about finding a balance between the professional and personal aspects of your life, ensuring your announcement is met with support and excitement.

71. Email Announcement to the team with a creative subject line

Draft a warm and engaging email to your colleagues announcing your pregnancy, using a creative subject line like “A New Team Member Arriving [Due Date]!” This approach allows you to share your news broadly and inclusively, ensuring everyone at work hears it directly from you. The body of the email can express your excitement and any upcoming plans for maternity or paternity leave, keeping the team informed and involved.

72. Meeting Reveal with a themed snack or decoration

Organize a team meeting under the guise of work but turn it into a reveal party with baby-themed snacks or decorations subtly placed around the room. You could have cupcakes with baby decorations or hang a banner with a playful announcement. It’s a fun and surprising way to share your news, fostering a moment of celebration and camaraderie among colleagues.

73. Desk Drop with baby-themed treats for everyone

Surprise your coworkers by leaving baby-themed treats at their desks, such as cookies shaped like baby items or chocolates in a box that reveals your due date when opened. This gesture is a sweet and personal way to announce your pregnancy, allowing your colleagues to share in your joy in a tangible, delightful way.

74. Custom Calendar mark the due date in a shared office calendar

Add a mysterious but noticeable event marked “Special Delivery” or “Project Baby Due” on the due date in any shared office calendars. This cryptic addition can spark curiosity and lead to a memorable reveal when you explain the significance. It’s a playful and interactive method for sharing your pregnancy news with colleagues, integrating your personal milestone into the everyday flow of office life.

Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Tying your pregnancy announcement to a particular season or holiday can add a special thematic touch to your reveal. From carving “We’re Expecting” into a pumpkin for a Halloween surprise to wrapping a tiny pair of baby shoes as a Christmas gift, seasonal announcements offer a creative way to share your news. These ideas leverage the natural excitement around holidays and seasons, providing a memorable backdrop for your pregnancy reveal.

75. New Year, New Baby announcement

Welcome the new year with a special announcement that celebrates the addition of a new family member. Share a photo or a digital card with fireworks or a calendar flipping to the new year, captioned “New Year, New Baby!” This announcement can be shared on social media or sent as a physical card to friends and family, making the start of the new year even more memorable and exciting.

76. Valentine’s Day card reveal

Use the theme of love that surrounds Valentine’s Day to announce your pregnancy. Send out Valentine’s cards to your loved ones that include a special note or a poem revealing your pregnancy. For a more intimate reveal, you could also handwrite personal notes and include an ultrasound picture inside, turning the celebration of love into an even more heartfelt occasion.

77. Easter Egg Hunt with a special message inside an egg

Incorporate your pregnancy announcement into an Easter egg hunt by placing a special egg that contains the big news. Inside the egg, you can put a note saying “We’re expecting!” or an ultrasound photo. It’s a fun and festive way to share your news with family, especially if you have children who will be delighted by the surprise of finding out they’re going to be a big brother or sister.

78. Halloween Pumpkin carving with a baby theme

Announce your pregnancy with a Halloween twist by carving pumpkins to read “Baby on the Way” or by including a tiny pumpkin (representing the baby) alongside larger pumpkins. Display your pumpkin carving masterpiece on social media or at your doorstep for a spooky and creative reveal that neighbors and friends can enjoy.

79. Thanksgiving “What I’m thankful for” announcement

During Thanksgiving dinner, when it’s common to share what you’re thankful for, announce your pregnancy to your gathered family and friends. This can be a touching moment that adds to the gratitude and warmth of the holiday, making it a Thanksgiving to remember.

80. Christmas Stocking addition for the baby

Hang an extra stocking on the mantle with a note attached that reveals your pregnancy to family and guests. This visual announcement adds to the festive spirit and is a wonderful way to include your future child in the family’s Christmas celebrations from the very start. You could also place a small gift inside the stocking, like a baby onesie or booties, for a sweet reveal.

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for different interests

For those who want to infuse their pregnancy announcement with a dose of creativity and personal flair, these ideas offer a range of unique twists. From travel-themed reveals for the adventurous couple to custom art pieces for the creatives, each suggestion is designed to reflect your personal interests and lifestyle.

81. Travel Theme for adventure-loving couples

For Travel Lovers: Create a mock passport or boarding pass titled “Adventure Awaits: Arrival Date [Due Date].”

This can be a fun way to announce to adventure-loving couples that their greatest journey is about to begin.

82. Team jersey for the baby

For Sports Fans: Team Jersey for the Baby.

Purchase a tiny jersey from your favorite team and share a photo or reveal it at a game day gathering, announcing that a new fan is about to join the team.

83. A Ticket to “Baby’s Premiere”

For Movie Buffs: A Ticket to “Baby’s Premiere”:

Design a movie ticket or a “Coming Soon” movie poster with the due date as the premiere date. It’s a perfect reveal for cinephiles expecting their own little star.

84. Baby-themed bookmark

For Book Lovers: A Baby-Themed Bookmark.

Slip a custom bookmark into a parenting book or your current read, announcing the new chapter in your life. It’s a subtle yet meaningful way to share your news with fellow bookworms.

85. Vinyl record or concert ticket announcement

For Music Lovers: Vinyl Record or Concert Ticket Announcement.

Create a mock vinyl record cover or concert ticket featuring your baby’s due date. This approach strikes a chord with music lovers, making the announcement a hit.

86. Outdoor photoshoot

For Nature Enthusiasts: An Outdoor Photoshoot.

Stage a photoshoot in a meaningful outdoor setting, perhaps where you often hike or camp, to symbolize your growing family’s connection to nature and adventure.

87. A custom cake or dessert

For Foodies: A Custom Cake or Dessert.

Order or bake a dessert with a clever message like “Bun in the Oven” or an edible image of the ultrasound. It’s a sweet way to share your news with fellow gastronomes.

88. Personalized piece of art

For Artists: A Personalized Piece of Art.

Create or commission artwork that represents your journey to parenthood, which can be shared with loved ones or used as a unique reveal on social media.

89. Custom game announcement or controller

For Gamers: Custom Game or Controller.

Design a game announcement or customize a game controller with “Player 3 Joining the Game” followed by the due date. It’s a creative way to welcome the new player joining your family.

90. Cute outfit or sign for the pet

For Pet Owners: A Cute Outfit or Sign for the Pet.

Dress up your pet in a “Big Brother/Sister” outfit or pose them with a sign announcing the new addition. It’s a paw-fect way to include your furry friend in the big reveal.

Unique Personalized Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These tailored announcement ideas not only reflect personal interests and passions but also ensure your pregnancy announcement is as unique and memorable as the journey itself.

Each of these ideas can be tailored to fit your family’s personality and the way you want to share your news.

91. Voice Recording of baby’s heartbeat

Share a sound clip of the baby’s heartbeat with a sweet message. It’s a deeply personal and emotional way to announce your pregnancy.

92. 3D Ultrasound shared in a unique way

Use a 3D ultrasound image to create a unique piece of art or a digital reveal, giving loved ones a first glimpse of your baby.

93. Time Capsule for the baby, to be opened on their 18th birthday

Announce your pregnancy by creating a time capsule to be opened on the baby’s 18th birthday, including your announcement among other keepsakes from the year of their birth.

94. Custom Comic Strip of your journey to pregnancy

Illustrate your pregnancy journey in a comic strip format, sharing the story of how you found out or your reactions. It’s a creative and engaging way to share your news.

95. Puzzle Hunt leading to the announcement

Set up a puzzle or scavenger hunt for your family or partner, with the final clue revealing your pregnancy. It adds an element of fun and engagement to your announcement.

96. Virtual Reality Announcement for tech-savvy families

For tech-savvy families, create a virtual reality experience that takes viewers on a journey ending with your pregnancy announcement. It’s an innovative and immersive way to share your news.

97. Custom Animation of your family with the new baby

Commission an animator to create a short clip of your family, introducing the new baby. Share this animation online or during a family gathering for a heartfelt reveal.

98. Personalized Poem or story

Write a poem or a short story that leads up to your announcement, making it a literary and personal way to share your journey to becoming parents.

99. Custom Song written about your journey

For those musically inclined, write and record a song that tells the story of your pregnancy journey, ending with the announcement of your baby’s expected arrival.

100. Adventure Map with locations important to your pregnancy journey

Create a map highlighting significant locations related to your pregnancy journey, such as where you found out, where you shared the news with each other, or where the baby will be born.

101. Message in a Bottle for a beach reveal or nautical theme

Write your pregnancy announcement on a scroll and place it inside a bottle, perfect for a beach reveal or to capture a love of the sea.

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